Monday, November 12, 2007

Ashy Crown Sparrowlark

This bird is smaller than size of a sparrow.As the name indicates the male is sandy brown above,black below with a ashy crown and prominent whitish cheeks.The female is sandy brown in color.They are commonly seen on earthen roads with pebbles and clods, on open field and dry river beds.

Fig.Male ashy crown sparrow lark feeding the young

The amazing feature of this bird is it's aerial flight.The bird shoots straight upwards and nose-dives steeply to some distance with wings closed at it's side.He repeats this aerial display two to three times till breath takingly near to dashing himself on the ground, he flattens out and rest on a stone or clod.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Red Winged Bush-Lark

It is a light brown bird with a pair of chestnut red color wings. The under parts are whitish but with a brownish breast. The legs & toes are long and the bill is slender & slightly curved. Both male and female look alike.

They are most commonly seen singly or in small parties in dry stony areas, grasslands, waste lands and earthen roads searching for food. Also a single bird is seen parching on a roof top or a rock top. In the building season, the male flies straight up in the air from the top of a rock or bush and lands slowly into the ground.