Monday, January 25, 2010

Plani Prinia Feeding

The above photographs are showing the Plain Prinia parents feeding the chicks.I managed to locate the nest inside a bush at about 2 ft from ground.Observed it for almost 15 days. By the time the bird get comfortable with my presence. I waited and watched the bird feeding the chicks entire day.Finally got some feeding shots.You can clearly see the bird holding a grasshopper and feeding it to the chicks.The chicks are voracious feeders.They eat almost 3 to 5 times of their body weight.The parents keep the nest clean by clearing the droppings inside the nest.After 12 days of hatching finally the chicks left the nest.This is the beauty of nature and beauty of bird watching.Yhis photograph is taken with a 200 mm lens with Nikon F3 camera.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Small Minivet

This is one of the fresh photograph of female small Minivet feeding the chicks. I have posted earlier about this bird on my post Fire on the wings.You can see in this picture how the nest is built on the fork of a branch and almost camouflage with the tree.Even the chicks are not easily visible. This is how the bird protects their chicks from predators. I observe this bird for days feeding the chicks high on a tree. Finally got a chance to take some photographs.Enjoy this beauty of nature. In this new year lets unite to save these wonderful birds so that our future generation will able to see them.
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