Monday, November 9, 2009

Asian Paradise Fly catcher, The nesting

Nesting Season of Asian Paradise flycatcher is generally June to August i.e the rainy season.It may be due to availability of more flying insects during this period.

The nest is conical in shape and just the size of a tea cup.It is found hanging from a tip of a small and thin branch of a tree generally at a height of 8ft to 15ft from the ground. The nest is woven with fine grasses and fibers.The outer wall of nest is plastered with cob webs and spider egg shells. It is observed that the female alone built the nest.The female generally lays four numbers of pale pink colour eggs with blotches of reddish brown.In some cases three eggs are also found. Incubation takes nearly 18 days and both the parent incubate the eggs alternately.The nestling period is around 10 to 12 days.The chicks are raised by both the parents.

It is quite thrilling to watch the parents feeding the nestlings.I observed it very close to the nest.The photograph is taken by my pretty old Nikon 801 camera with a 200 mm lens.Watching nature so close is a rare experience to share.Enjoy the bird Watching.