Friday, October 2, 2009

Asian Paradise Flycatcher, The Male

The typical adult male "Asian Paradise flycatcher" is about 20cm long.But the long ribbon like tail of almost 30cm is the most significant character of the male.It is amazing to watch the bird with such a long tail flying from tree to tree and hunting flying insects.

Another significant character of the male is that it changes it's color during it's development from subadult to adult male .The subadult male ( first two years of growth ) have chestnut brown color on the back with whitish underpart and metallic blue black head.When it grows to adult male i.e in third year from hatching it changes it's color to shining white except the head.The wings laterally appears to have black stripes.In some cases in the second year of development the male with partly white and partly chestnut brown color tail is also seen.

This is the beauty of nature in true sense.I watch these birds for hours and admire their beauty.All these photographs are shot with my pretty old Nikon F3 camera and a 200 mm lens.