Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nesting Behaviour of Birds

Nesting Behavior of Birds

There is a common misconception that Birds build nests to live in it. It is not true. The fact is that birds build nest to lay eggs, raise their chicks, protect them from predators and adverse climate. Birds are notable for their instinct to build nest like humans and other animals. The nest varies from no nest (e.g Pratincoles) to very complex nest ( Baya weaver).

The nesting behavior of birds, the shape and size of nest varies according to their habitat, climate, breeding season, size and physiology of bird and amount of threat by predators. Broadly the nests can be divided into 12 categories.

1. No nest/ scrap nest

2. Simple twig nest

3. Cup nest

4. Cup nest with roof

5. Ball nest

6. Hanging / very complex nest

7. Mud nest

8. Hole nest in ground

9. Hole nest in tree

10. Floating nest

11. Edible nest

In my upcoming posts I will deal details about the individual nests.Birds are notable for their ability to build their nests most skillfully.